Info for CINKK students about CDM collaborations

Dear students,

at the moment, we need to find out about your collaborations with CDM FAMU International and the ways they are arranged in order to avoid situations where you would lack any collaborations necessary for your graduation or completion of the first year of your studies. As you are sure to know, some exercises are mandatory and cannot be substituted for, except in case of absolutely specific and serious grounds.  If such exercises are substituted you lose your right to do such exercises in the subsequent year – this applies to CIN KK 1. At present, there is but one exception (namely Branko’s Documentary – the Department is yet to discuss the final approval thereof). All the others are bound by the aforementioned. In general, these are the obligatory rules! Each of you has a right to do an exercise just once.

Compliance with the rules is absolutely up to the supervising teachers, namely Klaus Fuxjäger and Vidu Gunaratna. All of your collaborations with FAMU International must be approved by the teachers from the Department of Cinematography, and must be executed under their supervision.

Please let Ms. Kalna know of any collaborations with CDM or others which you have scheduled for the future, and those you have completed already.

prof. Jaroslav Brabec