Faculty Profiles

Meet the inspirational team of our teachers consisting of internal and external staff members. This page in under construction. Please be patient.


prof. Jaroslav Brabec

Jaroslav Brabec teaches seminar and practical exercises at the Department of
Cinematography with a focus on the theoretical and practical ability to control the
dramaturgy of film image colouring; he supervises some of the joint exercises with other
FAMU departments.


prof. Jiří Myslík

Jiří Myslík teaches essential cinematographic practices, imaging techniques and
technology. He supervises practical exercises (Charles Bridge, Chronicle,
interdepartmental exercise - Music and Drama) as well as lectures and seminars for
other study programs at FAMU.


doc. Vladimír Smutný

Academically, Vladimír Smutný specializes in basic camera work and various photographic
approaches. He explores cinematograhpic analysis and lectures on light and tonal
composition processes in the cinematographic image.


prof. Jaromír Šofr

Jaromír Šofr is currently supervising camera work seminars at the Department of
Cinematography. He also explores light tonality; his classes introduce the essential
components of the cameraman’s craft to the students and teach them to create the light
tonality concept of an audiovisual work.


prof. Jiří Macák

Academically, Jiří Macák focuses on film imagery and its practical representation; he also
teaches seminars to extend the knowledge of non-standard image capturing.


doc. Antonín Weiser

Antonín Weiser’s academic specialisation is both classic and digital trick film techniques
and technologies. He supervises practical exercises in basic and contemporary visual
effects as well as a workshop focusing on Photoshop use by cameramen.


prof. Marek Jícha

Marek Jícha has been teaching as the FAMU Department of Cinematography since 2003.
He teaches the essential film language from the perspective of a cinematographer's work,
digital cinematographic image processing, and presents specialised cinematography
seminars in Czech and English.


Mgr. et MgA. Roman Kašparovský, Ph.D.

Academically, Roman Kasparovsky focuses on the methods of and trends in visual narrative of contemporary world film and television productions in connection with the great cinematographers, especially cameramen and directors.


akad. arch. Jindřich Kočí

At FAMU KK, Jindřich Kočí teaches seminars of film and television scenography where the students learn about the basic principles of the scenographer’s work, exterior composition issues and the history and development of the film scenography.


MgA. Petr Koblovský, Ph.D.

At FAMU, Petr Koblovský specializes in documentary film photography. In his classes, students learn the principles of lighting and use of real light in the documentary genres, or focus on the reciprocity of the means of expression.


MgA. Vidu Gunaratna

As an external FAMU teacher, Vidu Gunaratna (PhD student) works in the fielf of colouring.


MgA. Magdalena Bartáková

Magdalena Bartáková’s domain is drawing and analysis of space. Her course concentrates on mastering basic drawing with a focus on the representation of space and application of drawing skills in cameramen’s preparation for shooting.


Katarina Štrbová Bieliková

At the Cinematography Department, Katarina Štrbová Bieliková introduces the issue of cooperation between the cameraman and costume designer. She describes every way in which the costume can contribute to the image and how the entire visual component should work together.


MgA. Klaus Fuxjäger

Klaus Fuxjäger supervises cinematography seminars and lighting 1 + 2, including
practical exercises at the Department of Cinematography.