prof. MgA. Jaromír Šofr

Cameraman, teacher

Jaromír Šofr is currently supervising camera work seminars at the Department of
Cinematography. He also explores light tonality; his classes introduce the essential
components of the cameraman’s craft to the students and teach them to create the light
tonality concept of an audiovisual work.

Jaromír Šofr was born in 1939. He studied cinematography at FAMU; at the time of his
studies, he developed his photography and drawing skills. In 1990 he co-founded the
Association of Czech Cinematographers (AČK). From 1990, he served as the Head of the
Department of Cinematography for 15 years. He was appointed a Professor in 1995. In
1999-2008 he was a Visiting Professor at Columbia College, Chicago.

Camera work (selection):
2006 - I Served the King of England (dir. Jiří Menzel)
1988 - The End of Old Times (dir. Jiří Menzel)
1984 - Give the Devil His Due (dir. Hynek Bočan)
1980 - Shortcuts (dir. Jiří Menzel)
1979 - Panelstory (dir. Vera Chytilová)
1969 - Larks on a String (dir. Jiří Menzel)
1967 - Capricious Summer (dir. Jiří Menzel)
1966 - Closely Watched Trains (dir. Jiří Menzel)
1966 - A Report on the Party and the Guests (dir. Jiří Menzel)
1965 - Two-part cinemascope Long Live the Republic (dir. Karel Kachyně)

Published works (selection):
2013 - Theory and practice of the light tonality film concept, Academy of Performing Arts
Publishing House

2006 - Czech Lion - Best Cinematography in I Served the King of England

Link to other works: