prof. Mgr. Jiří Macák

Cameraman, teacher

Academically, Jiří Macák focuses on film imagery and its practical representation; he also
teaches seminars to extend the knowledge of non-standard image capturing.

Jiří Macák was born in 1939. He graduated from FAMU Department of Cinematography
and has taught there since 1991. He was appointed a Professor in 2005. In the course of
his cinematographic career, he has made more than 40 feature films, a number of short
films and poly-ecran films. He lectured at the Miroslav Ondříček Film Academy and the
Písek Film School. He is a member of AČK, ČFTA and FITES.

Cinematographic work (selection):
2002 - The Melancholic Chicken (dir. Jaroslav Brabec)
1993 - The Fortress (dir. Drahomíra Vihanová)
1990 - Vandronik (dir. Ludvík Ráža)
1987 - The Magician (dir. František Vláčil)
1985 - Landscape with Furniture (dir. Karel Smyczek)
1984 - The Three Veterans (dir. Oldřich Lipský)
1983 - The Snowdrop Festival (dir. Jiří Menzel)
1980 - What is Home is Counted, Gentlemen ... (dir. Petr Schuhoff)
1976 - Marecek, Pass Me The Pen! (dir. Oldřich Lipský)
1970 - Murder of Ing. Devil (dir.Ester Krumbachová)
1967 - End of August at the Ozon Hotel (dir. Jan Schmidt)

2002 - Czech Lion - Best Cinematography for The Melancholic Chicken

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