MgA. Petr Koblovský, Ph.D.

Cameraman, Assistant Professor

At FAMU, Petr Koblovský specializes in documentary film photography. In his classes, students learn the principles of lighting and use of real light in the documentary genres, or focus on the reciprocity of the means of expression.

Petr Koblovský was born in 1972. He graduated from the FAMU Department of Cinematography in 2002 and started teaching at the Department in the following year. He completed his PhD studies in 2008. Besides teaching, he has been a practising camera professional, working with director Robert Sedláček in particular.

Camera work (selection):
2017 - TV series Boheme (dir. Robert Sedláček)
2016 - Tiger Theory (dir. Radek Bajgar)
2015 - The Snake Brothers (dir. Jan Prušinovský)
2012 - TV film Applause (dir. Jaroslav Brabec)
2011 - Long Live the Family (dir. Robert Sedláček)
2010 - The Greatest of the Czechs (dir. Robert Sedláček)
2009 - Men in Rut (dir. Robert Sedláček)
2006 - Rules of Lies (dir. Robert Sedláček)
2004 - TV film Václav Bělohradský: No One Listens (dir. Robert Sedláček)
1993 - documentary cycle, GEN - Gallery of the Nation’s Elite

2016 - Czech Lion - Best Cinematography for The Snake Brothers
2012 - AČK Awards - Award for outstanding TV cinematography for Applause
2011 - AČK Awards - Best Cinematography for Long Live the Family

Link to other works: koblovsky/oceneni/