MgA. Vidu Gunaratna

Cameraman, teacher

As an external FAMU teacher, Vidu Gunaratna (PhD student) works in the fielf of colouring.

Vidu Gunaratna was born in Sri Lanka in 1980. In 1989, he and his family emigrated to Germany and, subsequently, to Czechoslovakia. He studied Applied Informatics at the University of Economics, Prague, and Cinematography at FAMU. Since 2014, he has been a PhD student at the Department of Cinematography. In 2015 he was voted in to the Board of the Association of Czech Cinematographers.

Camera work (selection):
2017 - Short (dir. Jakub Šmíd)
2015 - feature film Laputa (dir. Jakub Šmíd)
2015 - short film Amanitas (dir. Jakub Šmíd)
2015 - short film The Newcomer (dir. Jakub Šmíd)
2015 - short film Non-Swimmers (dir. Jakub Šmíd)
2010 - documentary Chronicle - Portrait of the Cinematographer, Josef Pecák (dir. Vidu Gunaratna)

2014 - Best Cinematography in Amanitas, FAMUFest
2014 - Mention of Jaroslav Kučera - Award of the Czech Cameraman Association Awarded to FAMU Students
2012 - Czech Lion - Magnesia Award for Best Student Film Non-Swimmers

Link to other works: